White Sapote & Black Sapote

These subtropical fruits are delicious, sweet, juicy, rare and from Mexico.   The white Sapote fruit ripens at KDU in late December, early January.  The fruit ripens quite fast from harvest to eating, usually within 4-5 days.  This makes the fruit rarely seen in shops as the fruit is too delicate with the skin rubbing or marking close to ripening.  The fruit is about the size of a large granny smith apple  and has a beautiful creamy, sweet and smooth texture to eat.   We liken it to the texture of an avocado/pear but the sweetness of a custard apple.    The fruit is great in cooking with Marguerite substituting it in recipes that use apples or bananas and the flesh freezes well.    The Black Sapote is similiar in size to the white Sapote but looks more like a persimmon.  It is harvested firm and green and again ripens quite quickly turning black in colour.   The fruit is sometimes referred to as the ‘chocolate pudding’ fruit.    The black Sapote ripens in November at KDU.



White Sapote”s ready for sale!