20150705_095508At Kiwi we have a variety of citrus fruit.  The Pomelo seems to create quite an interest with visitors to the farm and when we sell to the markets.   It is quite different in size and taste to the Asian Pomelo.   It is a similiar size to a small grapefruit but has a ‘knobby  nose’  where it is attached to the tree.

We call them ‘Aussie Gold’ Pomelos’

If you enjoy juicy ‘fireside’ fruit, fruit you sit down and tuck into and savour every mouthful………….. The Pomelo is for you!
It has a fresh juicy flavour, a low acidity fruit—not sour and not too sweet.

How to eat a Pomelo
Peel the skin—breaking at the ‘knob’ – the skin peels off with ease.
Pull apart like a mandarin in segments.
Open the segments and eat the flesh. Don’t eat the pith.

Note: the membrane or pith is edible but we think it detracts from the fresh flavour of the pomelo.
Pomelos make a wonderful vitamin ‘C’ packed juice!

We start harvesting our citrus from June!


Tom harvesting Pomelos