Pecan & Macadamia Nuts

Tom and Marguerite love growing pecan nut trees.  Besides supplying nuts all year, Marguerite enjoys watching the seasons change when the leaves all turn golden in Autumn and fall, the bare branches in winter and the electric lime green leaves that open in spring and of course harvesting at the end of summer.   At KDU farm, they grew 300 macadamia nut trees for 25 years.  To manage the nut harvest they ’employed’ a flock of 30 sheep that grazed under the trees helping manage the orchard so farm machinery could be used to pick up the nuts.    As time went on, the trees grew so tall and in hindsight were planted far to close together.   The trees were not able to get enough sunlight to flower and their macadamia trees turned into a dark forest and were not viable!    Change was needed and the trees were removed and a new stage of the farm began allowing the beginning of their market garden adventures.   Not all macadamia trees were removed and there are still some trees sprinkled throughout the farm to be enjoyed and harvested.


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