At Kiwi Down Under Farm we have been growing mangoes for over 20 years.   We have approx 100 trees of mixed varieties including Bowen, R2E2 (which we call ‘Mammoth) and Keitt variety.   2017 was a fabulous crop with us picking over 10 Tonne of fruit.   Besides selling to markets we also dry and freeze our fruit.    Our favourite is the Mammoth Mango with most weighing 1kg each.  They are so full of flavour with a wonderful firm texture.

NSW Mangoes are either abundant or non existent due to crops being subject to the weather.  Mangoes are particularly vulnerable when flowering in Spring – late Oct/early November.  If the mid north coast gets rain at flowering, the flowers ferment and drop off which means no crop for the season.    If we have a dry spring, the mangoes are plentiful.