Tom and Marguerite take pride in growing and selling quality organic produce. They grow over 30 different produce at last count on their very diverse farm. They sell to wholesalers and direct to shops and customers and have done so for the past 35 years.
Produce grown on their farm includes: kiwifruit, mangoes, bananas, grapefruit, pomelos, tangelos, mandarins, white and black sapote, tamarillos, garlic, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, chilli peppers, snow peas, pumpkins, passion fruit, strawberries, herbs, grapes, blueberries, choko, monsterio deliciosa, cherry tomatoes, pecan nuts, macadamia nuts, paw paw, carambola, brazilian cherries and jabuticaba.
At Kiwi it is positioned in such an amazing area that Tom and Marguerite have taken advantage of a remarkable micro climate where they seem to be able to grow just about anything!

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