Media History

Over the 36 years at Kiwi Down Under Farm there have been numerous editorials and stories written about Tom and Marguerite’s farm.   Their trail blazing organic farm was one of the early, if not first, commercial kiwifruit farm in Australia and has continued to do so to present day.   Tom and Marguerite’s story of diversifying their farm with crops as well as opening their farm  and organic, vegetarian restaurant in 1992 to the public was unique at the time,  with approx 10,000 visitors a year visiting their little farm.  For 14 years visitors could come and explore the farm, see how an organic farm works and taste the seasonal produce in the restaurant in meals prepared by Marguerite.   Kiwi Down Under Farm  went on to receive over 21 Tourism awards during the years of being open to the public.   The editorial and stories that follow are only a few that have been rescued over the years but make enjoyable reading and tell the story.