101 Kiwi Recipes – the book!

The 101 Recipe challenge

The 101 Recipe challenge

We have been growing kiwifruit in Australia now for over 32 years. I have experimented using and cooking kiwifruit in many ways particularly in the 14 years we had our restaurant open on the farm. I had forgotten I had this little book published back in 1993 by the New Zealand Marketing Board. I found the book again in an old book shop in Nambucca Heads NSW a little while ago and had flipped through the pages. I found some of the combinations really amusing and it hit me how cooking styles have changed over the years. I have decided to take on making and trying every recipe in the book, yes 101 of them! I grow and love kiwifruit but really some of the recipes in the book are challenging and I would have to ask ‘why’, but I am up for some new taste sensations and hopefully will broaden my thinking of how to use Kiwifruit. I hope you enjoy my adventure and maybe I can come up with some great ideas in cooking to pass on!

One thought on “101 Kiwi Recipes – the book!

  1. Love it!
    Would love to be there to be your taste tester extraorginaire.
    Very Julie & Julia, Marg. Best of luck with it.
    Sophie xx

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