Our Farm

Kiwi Down Under Farm is a 25 acre Biodynamic/Organic fruit and vegetable farm.  Marguerite and Tom Hackett have owned and operated their farm since 1982 when they started growing and selling kiwifruit commercially using organic and Biodynamic practices.  (hence the name). Kiwi Down Under Organic Farm is dedicated to the production of produce that has never known pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers.

Kiwi Down Under Farm is on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, where the mountains meet the sea, near Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia.  Bonville Valley or as the original inhabitants called it, ‘Bongil Bongil’ – “Bongil” meaning a place where one “sits down” to enjoy a land flowing with abundance.

Kiwi Down Under Farm is situated in an ideal climate and Tom and Marguerite started their farm planting kiwifruit vines.   The farm mainly produces a variety of kiwifruit unique to the area called delicious ‘Dexter Kiwifruit’, ‘The world’s sweetest kiwifruit’!

Driveway to Viola

The philosophy behind Kiwi Down Under Farm is that is it not just a farm or guest house, but a lifestyle delivered by example and it is hoped that guests, visiting, helping, WWOOFing or staying in their accommodation, will leave with a greater knowledge of, and respect for the environment, with thoughts on how they too can change it for the better.  Farming should be a natural experience understanding and showing appreciation for all life on this planet.

Chinese goose berry

How we got our name!


2 thoughts on “Our Farm

  1. Hi

    My 2 boys and I will be travelling towards coffs harbour over the christmas holidays, I am in the process of looking at where to go and came across your website. We will be camping and was wondering if this would be appropriate on your property is it something you accommodate for? We would require access to bathroom facilities otherwise we are pretty self sufficient. If this is a possibility could you please let me know how much this would be per night? Many thanks Leni

    • Hi Leni, Thank you for your interest in our farm. Our farm is not open to camping or to the general public. We have accommodation available in ‘Viola Cottage’. I hope you enjoy your holiday in our area and I would recommend Sawtell Caravan Park as an option for you to camp.
      All the best,

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